Azurlane Moe to Takumi Special

title Azurlane "Moe to Takumi" Special
date/time 2018.11.27 (around 45 minutes)
broadcast youtube
seiyuu Ishikawa Yui
Taichi You
Yamaoka Yuri

This was a recorded program for the game Azur Lane. The seiyuu participating were Ishikawa Yui, Taichi You, and Yamaoka Yuri. Each seiyuu was given a "mission" to make some Azur Lane goods with a Japanese craftsman.

Yui went to Okinawa, to a pottery craftsman. They made a coffee cup set with Azur Lane logos.

You went to a wrapping car shop in Tokyo, and made a Ayanami bicycle.

Yuri went to cloth dye craftsman in Iwate, and made a happi kimono.

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