Azurlane 1st Anniversary Juudai Happyou Stage

title Azurlane 1st Anniversary Juudai Happyou Stage
date/time 2018.09.15 15:00-16:00
broadcast youtube
seiyuu Itou Asuka (ƣ)
Taichi You
Kakuma Ai

This was a live broadcast of the stage event in Akihabara. This event took place during the Azur Lane 1st Anniversary event at Bellesalle Akihabara.

The guests were Itou Asuka, Taichi You, and Kakuma Ai (secret guest). Asuka does the voices of San Diego, Hammann, and Ark Royal. You does the voices of Ayanami and Rodney. Ai does the voices of Unicorn, Exeter, and Takao.

They showed the main images and talked about the previous events. They showed some of the goods on sale, even though most of them were already sold out.

The important announcements were as follows.

  • Azur Lane x Utawarerumono collaboration
    6 characters from Utawarerumono will appear in the game in November.

  • Azur Lane will become a TV anime
    They announced that there will be an Azur Lane TV anime. At the TV anime announcement, Asuka started crying.
After the TV anime announcement, Kakuma Ai came onto the stage, and joined in the talk show.

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