Azurlane 1 Shuunen Chokuzen Koushiki Namahousou

title Azurlane 1 Shuunen Chokuzen Koushiki Namahousou
date/time 2018.09.13 22:00-22:20
broadcast youtube, others
seiyuu Horigome Saya
Sakakibara Yui (縶椤)
video Kakuma Ai

This was a live broadcast one the eve of the 1st year anniversary of the game Azur Lane. The seiyuu guests were Horigome Saya and Sakakibara Yui.

Yui said she just started playing the game three days ago. She brought a present. It was a rose with drawing of Aurora (her character).

There was also a video message by Kakuma Ai.

The first corner was a history of Azur Lane. They also gave out various stats and rankings of the users and most popular ships.

They gave out lots of information on upcoming events and new ships and outfits in the game. The SSR San Diego will have a retofit model.

There will be an anniversary event in Akihabara from 9/15 to 9/17. There will be a life sized figure of Ayanami, which was in the studio. Yui went to stand next to it. There will also be a 1/7 scale figure of Ayanami going on sale.

There will be a PS4 game "Azur Lane Crosswave".

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