Chori Wonton Radio

Hosts Chori Wonton
Frequency not specified
Type audio / MP3 (downloadable)
Cost free

Chori Wonton Radio is a 10 minute talk show hosted by the LaLaLu subgroup Chori Wonton (Miyanishi Noa and Sakurai Sara). Each broadcast has Noa and Sara reading out the results to the "nandemo ranking" surveys. This "nandemo ranking" survey has various questions like "who is the number one LaLaLu girl for so-and-so", and all of the LaLaLu girls vote on each question.

broadcast date
1 2003.03.28
2 2003.04.08
3 2003.04.18
4 2003.04.28
5 2003.05.08
6 2003.05.18
7 2003.05.28
8 2003.06.08
9 2003.06.18
The Chori Wonton Radio files were "broadcast" (i.e. available for download) on the dates shown in the table. It seems that they broadcast every 10 days (or on days that end with 8).

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