Hibiki Style+

title Hibiki Style+
date 2021.06.27 11:00-
broadcast niconico, youtube
archive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lhm49mVskpU
host Mimori Suzuko ()
video Fukagawa Ruka
Watase Yuzuki
Nishio Yuuka
Shindou Amane
Minami Wakana
Mano Takumi
Hyuuga Daisuke
Toono Hikaru
Tsumugi Risa

This was a monthly live broadcast by the seiyuu of the production Hibiki. The seiyuu host was Mimori Suzuko, by herself. Since it was one day before Suzuko's birthday, this was a birthday special.

Suzuko brought a waffle maker to the studio. She got it as a gift, and had never used it before. She also brought some tea from home.

Suzuko made waffles, and ate and talked.

There were also video messages from pairs of Hibiki seiyuu, Fukagawa Ruka and Watase Yuzuki, Nishio Yuuka and Shindou Amane, Minami Wakana (by herself), Mano Takumi and Hyuuga Daisuke, and Toono Hikaru and Tsumugi Risa.

Suzuko said that she will have a live in August (8/14), Mimori Suzuko Live 2021 Midsummer Funfair.