Oshiete Maiko-sensei 3 Gakki Gakkyuukousa

title Oshiete Maiko-sensei 3 Gakki Gakkyuukousa
date/time 2021.07.05
broadcast niconico
host Nomura Maiko (¼)
guest Amano Satomi (ŷ)

This was a special broadcast of Oshiete Maiko-sensei by Nomura Maiko. The guest was Amano Satomi.

Satomi was wearing the apple watch that she got during the Maiko-sensei event in January.

The previous gakkyuukousa was in August 2020.

In this broadcast, they talked about broadcasts 7 to 13, and the special events (Natsuyasumi and First Anniversary).

Next they did some of the things that Maiko learned in the previous broadcasts.

The first one was drawing. They drew pictures of a mad kangaroo, a penguin with a high IQ, and a kind lion.

Then at the end of the free broadcast, there were some announcements. They gave information on the upcoming Oshiete Maiko-sensei events this weekend. They also showed some of the goods.

In the members only broadcast, they tried juggling and ping pong. Maiko tried to teach Satomi how to juggle. While trying to teach, Maiko became better and better at juggling. But Satomi couldn't do it.

Next they played ping ping. First they tried to hit a target. But they didn't do very well. Then they just tried to hit to each other. But the table was too small and it didn't work out too well.

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