Gekkan Voice Venus Project Vol.1

Gekkan Voice Venus Project Vol.1

released 2016.05.01
2000 yen+tax

This CD contains audio drama, free talk, and some character songs for the TV anime Venus Project -Climax- and Venus Project games.

The tracks are as follows.
  1. OP Talk [Himesaki Ami]
  2. Title Call
  3. [song] Aoi Ichibyou (Takano Karen Ver.) [Himesaki Ami]
  4. Shuffle Venus 1 "haru" [Himesaki Ami, Tanabe Rui]
  5. reading drama 1 "Beautiful Dreamer"
  6. Shuffle Venus 2 "Legend Live" [Hayase Marika, Nemoto Ruka]
  7. [song] Kimi Collector (Sarashina Mizuki Ver.) [Tanabe Rui]
  8. Shuffle Venus 3 "tabi" [Himesaki Ami, Hata Sawako]
  9. reading drama 2 "Show Must Go On"
  10. ED Talk
  11. [song] Shootin' Star (Nureha Miu Ver.) [Hayase Marika]
  12. next volume preview
Songs and talk by Hata Sawako (»), Hayase Marika (轲), Himesaki Ami, Tanabe Rui (α), Nemoto Ruka (ή).

This CD comes in the rectangular DVD case instead of the square CD case. There is a two-sided color lyrics sheet inside, with some pictures of the Venus Project characters.

This CD went on sale at the Venus Project Megameeting event on May 1, 2016.

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