Venus Project Megameeting May 2016

Event Venus Project Megameeting May 2016
Location Club Seata Kichijoji
Date 2016.05.01
Time 14:00 - 16:00
18:00 - 20:00
Guests Hata Sawako (»)
Hayase Marika (轲)
Himesaki Ami
Nemoto Ruka (ή)
Tanabe Rui (α)
Nakanishi Yuuka
Cost 3500 yen + drink (500 yen)
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  • event report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 2016.05.29

On May 1, 2016, the second Venus Project Megameeting event took place at Club Seata in Kichijoji. There were two sessions, at 14:00 and 18:00. This was the second of three Megameeting events, in April, May, and June.

There were more people for this event than the April one, but it was still around 100 to 150 people. There were much more for the night session than the afternoon one.

I got a 3rd row, left side position for both events.

At the beginning of the event, there were some announcements by Sarashina Mizuki (Tanabe Rui). There were pictures of Mizuki on the screen at the back of the stage, and photos were allowed for just this part. Rui just talked, but didn't appear on the stage.

The emcee for this event was Hata Sawako. Both events were similar, and flowed as follows.

  • opening announcements (voice only) [Rui]
  • [song] Venus Drive [everyone]
  • introductions + talk [everyone]
  • Kongetsu no Megami (this month's megami) [Ruka]
  • Shuffle Venus [Sawako, Yuuka]
  • Venus Survey [everyone]
  • [songs] solo songs
  • [songs] duo/group songs
  • [song] Tenchi no Ichigeki [everyone]
  • Venus Project announcements [producer]
  • audio recording of crowd
  • final messages [everyone]
The talk parts and solo songs were different for the two sessions.

All of the girls wore the white outfits, same as the previous event. Yuuka also wore the white oufit, with green trim.

Sawako had a white ribbon in her hair, on her right side behind the ear. Ami had a red ribbon on her right side above the ear. Rui had a thin blue ribbon braided in her hair.

After the opening song, the first corner was "Kongetsu no Megami". This was a corner where one of the members was chosen to be the megami of the month. This month's choice was Nemoto Ruka.

The next corner was "Shuffle Venus". This was a corner where two of the members talked or did something on stage. This month's members were Hata Sawako and Nakanishi Yuuka.

For both sessions, there was a topic and they had to do short skits.

The next corner was "Venus Survey". This was a corner where they announced the results of the survey that was taken before the event began. They had passed out the survey to all the fans who were waiting in line.

The next corner was the live corner, and the songs were as follows.

14:00 session

  • Evolve [Ami]
  • Kimi Collector [Rui]
  • Croque Mademoiselle [Ruka]
  • Strawberry Jet Coaster [Yuuka]
  • Journey for Life [Marika]
  • One Stage [Sawako]
  • Mirai no Zahyou [Sawako, Ami]
  • Shooting Star [Rui, Ruka]
  • Yume no Tsubasa [Sawako, Yuuka, Marika]
  • Tenshi no Ichigeki [everyone]

18:00 session

  • Kimi Collector [Ruka]
  • Umbrella ha Ikaga [Rui]
  • Journey for Life [Yuuka]
  • Croque Mademoiselle [Ami]
  • Coin [Marika]
  • Boy and Girl Friend [Sawako]
  • Mirai no Zahyou [Sawako, Ami]
  • Shooting Star [Rui, Ruka]
  • Yume no Tsubasa [Sawako, Yuuka, Marika]
  • Tenshi no Ichigeki [everyone]

For the song "Yume no Tsubasa", Sawako, Yuuka, and Marika had a choreographed dance. This was the first time that there was a dance to one of the Venus Project songs, and this was a very cute dance.

In the afternoon session, this went very well. But in the evening session, there was a problem. The music got cut off right in the middle of the song! So they sang the song again. But the music got cut again in the same spot. So they gave up and moved on to the next song.

They said that Sawako came up with the idea that they should do a dance for this song. Then she called Yuuka and Marika at 3 AM, and Yuuka thought up the dance. Then they got together and practiced the dance together.

After the live corner, there were some announcements about Venus Project by the producers. They announced that Iida Riho (Τ) will be a guest at the June event.

They also recorded some crowd voices for the next drama CD.

During the afternoon session, they asked the crowd to do a call for Miu and Tsukiko. At the evening session, they asked the crowd to do a call for Karen, Mizuki, and Yuu. They were going to use these sounds in the future drama CDs.

Then there were some final messages by everyone, and the event ended. The afternoon event was just a little under 2 hours, but the evening event was over 2 hours.

For the evening session, they all sang "Yume no Tsubasa" again at the end. This time the music played until the end.

The high touch session started about 5 minutes after the event ended. Only the five regulars participated in the high touch sessions. Nakanishi Yuuka didn't participate.

Since Sawako was the emcee and she was also one of the Shuffle Venus girls, she was on the stage most of the time. So this was a great event for Sawako fans.

They had started selling goods at around noon, and gave out 1 high touch ticket per 2000 yen spent. They also sold goods between the two sessions, and after each event.

The CD Gekkan Voice Venus Project Vol.1 went on sale at this event.

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