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  • pooky 2010

    This is my main desktop computer, pooky, built in May 2010.

    Freedom FPC-EZBL case
    ASUS P7H55D-M EVO motherboard
    Core i5-670 (dual core 3.46 GHz)
    8GB memory (PC3 10600 2GB x4)
    80GB SSD (PQI X25-M)
    480GB SSD (Sandisk Ultra II)
    960GB SSD (Sandisk Ultra II)
    4TB disk (Seagate ST4000DM004)
    4TB disk (Seagate ST4000DM004)
    Century CERS25-WT

    This is a photo from the front.

    I put swappable 3.5inch drive bays in the 5inch bays, and these contain the 4TB disks.

    I also put a container that can hold two 2.5inch SSDs in one 3.5inch bay. The 80GB SSD is in the top slot.

    [updated 2016.09.22]

    The 480GB SSD is in the top slot.

    These are the photos of the inside, from the two sides without the side or top panels attached.
    This is a photo from the side, with the side and top panels attached.

    Pooky is running Fedora 16 x86_64 (64bit linux). The installation via USB DVD drive went smoothly (initially installed Fedora 13, and updated via DVD).

    Using the PQI (Intel) SSD as the OS disk, Fedora 13 boots up instantly.

    [updated 2016.09.22]

    Pooky is now running CentOS 6.x.

    The following are the current disks.

    3.5 top sdc ST4000DM004 WFN07TW2
    3.5 bottom sdb ST4000DM004 WFN07SQB
    2.5 top sda Sandisk Ultra II (480GB)
    2.5 bottom    

    Disk history

    disk start end
    WD20EARS (2TB) Feb 2010 died Jul 2013
    WD20EARS (2TB) Feb 2010 retired Jul 2018
    ST2000DM001 (2TB) Jun 2013 died Jul 2018
    ST4000DM004 (4TB) Jul 2018 active
    ST4000DM004 (4TB) Jul 2018 active

    This is the third configuration for pooky. The details of the previous configurations of pooky is also available.

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