Wedding Peach LDs

The Wedding Peach TV series has come out as 2 LD box sets, and there are also the following LDs.

There are also LDs of the Wedding Peach DX OAV series.

Wedding Peach LD Box 1

KSS JSLA-22789
39800 yen
first release reserve date 1995.10.16
on sale 1995.12.22

7 disks (episodes 1 to 26)

The LD box comes with the following goodies.

  • new original anime Aitenshi Robo Wedding Peach
  • Furil promotion video
  • Furil signed cosplay picture
  • talk by the anime staff and cast
  • B2 sized poster with art by Tadano Kazuko
  • LD jackets with new art
    LD box cover will be drawn by Tadano Kazuko
  • non-credit OP and ED animation
  • Peach CM
  • 16 page liner notes

Wedding Peach LD Box 2

KSS JSLA-22790
39800 yen
on sale 1996.05.27

7 disks

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