Tanima Yuri

Tanima Yuri (谷間ゆり) is the girl that transforms into Angel Lily (エンジェル・リリィ). She is very graceful and elegant. Yuri speaks in a very formal, and polite manner.

Yuri's birthday is 1982.07.07, and her blood type is A. She is a second year student of Sei Hanazono Gakuen Junior High. Yuri was in the school newspaper club.

She lives with her father and mother. Yuri's mother is a wedding dress designer.

Angel Lily's magic words are shown below.

  • ウェディング・グレイスフル・フラワー
    Wedding graceful flower
    Yuri says this to transform into her wedding dress outfit.
  • ウェデイング・チェンジ!お色直し, エンジェル・プレシアス・リリィ
    Wedding change! Oiro naoshi, angel precious lily
    Yuri says this to transform into Angel Lily.
  • セント・リプライナー・リリー・レインボー
    Saint lip liner lily rainbow
    Lily says this when she attacks.
  • セント・シュトラール
    Saint strahl

Yuri/Angel Lily's items can be seen in the Lily item page.

Yuri's voice is done by Nogami Yukana (野上ゆかな).

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