Hanasaki Momoko

Hanasaki Momoko (花咲ももこ) is the girl that transforms into Wedding Peach (ウェデイング・ピーチ). She is a clumsy, but cute and energetic junior high student.

Momoko's birthday is 1983.03.03, and her blood type is O. She is a second year student of Sei Hanazono Gakuen Junior High. She lives with her father, who is a cameraman. Momoko's hobby was to take pictures too, and she was in the school newspaper club as the photographer.

Momoko, along with Yuri and Hinagiku, liked Yanagiba Kazuya the captain of the soccer team. But whenever Momoko tried to get close to him, Yousuke would get in the way. Momoko said that she hated him, but..

The transformation goes from normal to wedding dress to battle outfit. Why is this stage to the wedding dress necessary? It is because that is when they build up the power of love, which is necessary for the final transformation.

Wedding Peach's magic words are shown below.

  • ウェディング・ビューティフル・フラワー
    Wedding beautiful flower
    Momoko says this to transform into Wedding Peach.
  • ウェデイング・チェンジ!お色直し, エンジェル・アムール・ピーチ
    Wedding change! Oiro naoshi, angel amour peach
    Peach says this to transform into the battle suit.
  • セント・ミロワール・ブライダル・フラッシュ
    Saint miroir bridal flash
    Peach uses this to blast the devils.
  • セント・オペレシオン・タンピート
    Saint operation tempete
    Peach uses this to get rid of the evil that had taken over the human.
  • セント・クリスタル
    Saint crystal

Momoko/Wedding Peach's items can be seen in the Peach item page.

Momoko's voice is done by Hikami Kyoko (氷上恭子).

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