Wedding Peach Character guide

The major characters in Wedding Peach are as follows.

Warning: There are spoilers contained in these pages.


Good guys

Bad guys

  • Rain Devila (レイン・デビラ)
    Rain Devila was the queen of the world of devils.
  • Pluie (プリュイ)
    Pluie was from the world of devils, and he was after the saint something four.
  • Aquelda (水魔アクエルダ)
    Aquelda was from the world of devils, and she was a master of using water based monsters. She was sent to get the saint something four, but she loved money, and wanted to make money by tricking humans.
  • Potamosu (ポタモス)
    Potamosu was from the world of devils.
  • Biento (ビエント)
  • Jura (ジュラ)
  • Orross (オーロス)
  • Audio (オーディオ)
  • Patrid (パトリッド)

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