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  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episode 196

    Episode Title
    Ginga Horobirutoki! Sailor Senshi Saigo no Tatakai
    [When the Galaxy Perishes! The Sailor Senshi's Final Battle]
    Air Date
    • Summary version 1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1997.01.12
    Galaxia left the concert stage, and the earth started falling apart.

    Galaxia appeared on all of the TVs and made a statement.

    Galaxia: Listen. The whole galaxy belongs to me. I won't allow the ugliness as you.

    The Sailor Star Lights said that it was the same as what had happened on their home planet. Star Maker said that this planet would be destroyed soon.

    Sailor Moon was holding Chibi Chibi. Sailor Mercury was using her computer to locate Galaxia. She found out that she was at Ginga TV. Then the Star Lights went off. The Sailor Senshi tried to stop them, but the Star Lights said that their duty was to protect the princess, which they couldn't do. They have nothing else to live for. So they had to take revenge on Galaxia.

    Then a black force came down from the sky towards Sailor Moon. The other senshi jumped on Moon to try to protect her. But the silent wall (Saturn's defense) blocked the attack. Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto came to protect everyone.

    When the Star Lights arrived at Ginga TV, Galaxia opened the door, trapped them, and carried them to her dimension.

    The girls were at Hikawa Shrine. The city was getting destroyed.

    Setsuna: The enemy has already taken over most of the galaxy.
    Hotaru: This enemy is stronger than the previous enemies.

    There was nothing that the girls could do. Then Haruka and Michiru walked off. As they were walking through the city, Setsuna and Hotaru met them.

    Setsuna: We will go too.
    Hotaru: As one of the outer senshi,
    Setsuna: We can't just let the earth stay in danger.
    Michiru: Among the four of us,
    Setsuna: Even one,
    Hotaru: Has to live,
    Haruka: And defeat Galaxia.
    Setsuna: Let's go protect this planet.

    The other girls were looking around and couldn't find Haruka and the others. Ami used her computer and located them near Ginga TV. Chibi Chibi was getting scared, and Usagi was holding her all this time. The five girls decided to go, and Usagi put Chibi Chibi down with the cats.

    Mercury crystal power make up!
    Mars crystal power make up!
    Jupiter crystal power make up!
    Venus crystal power make up!
    Moon eternal make up!

    [transformations of each gir, for a total of 1:35]

    Sailor Moon: We'll protect this planet for sure.

    [CM break]

    The Sailor Senshi arrived at Ginga TV. But there was a force field around it and they couldn't get in. Then the TV screen got turned on (by Galaxia), and it showed an image of Galaxia and the Star Lights.

    Star Healer used her star sensitive inferno attack, but Galaxia just bounced it back at the Star Lights. Sailor Moon tried to go to help the Star Lights, but Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter held her to prevent her from going (and running into the force field). Galaxia blasted the Star Lights again.

    The four outer Senshi were inside the Ginga TV building. They arrived at the TV control room and saw what was happening.

    Meanwhile, Mars and Jupiter were still holding Moon. Mercury was using her computer to find a way inside.

    Mercury: There's no way in. Even if we can get into the building, we can't get to the dimension that Galaxia is in.

    Sailor Moon started crying because they couldn't help the Star Lights. Then a ball of light appeared, with Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon floating in the middle.

    The Star Lights were about to die. Galaxia was going to finish them off. But the ball of light appeared in front of them, and the five senshi and Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon came out of the ball.

    Moon: Galaxia, don't do this any more. Get off of our planet.
    Galaxia: If you give me your star seed.
    Fighter: I won't let you do that.

    Galaxia was going to blast the injured Star Lights. But Mercury and Jupiter jumped in front of the Star Lights to protect them. So Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter got blasted.

    Then Galaxia powered up blasted Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter for the last time.. The four star seeds of the four senshi appeared.

    In the TV control room, the four outer senshi saw what was going on.

    Pluto: The glitter of the four planets,
    Uranus: Is fading.

    The four star seeds went to Galaxia, and the bodies of the four senshi collapsed to the ground.

    Healer: Why? For us?
    Mercury: To protect the ones that are important.
    Maker: Important to you?
    Venus: Sailor Moon and Star Lights are very important to us.
    Fighter: Even if you're going to die?
    Jupiter: Please, in our place, protect Usagi and this world.

    Sailor Moon went to Sailor Mars, and held her. Mars' body was fading away.

    Moon [crying]: Wait! Don't leave me alone.
    Mars: Don't be a cry baby.
    Moon: You promised that we will be together until the end.
    Mars: Stupid, you have Mamoru.

    Then Sailor Mars faded away.

    Moon: Iya!

    Sailor Moon got up, and yelled at Galaxia.

    Moon: Give them back!

    Sailor Moon went to Galaxia, but Galaxia blasted her.

    Then Galaxia showed them all of the star seeds that she had collected so far. Moon saw a golden one, and she felt a presence of Mamoru.

    Galaxia: This is the star seed for this planet.
    Moon: If that's Mamo-chan's star seed, then Mamo-chan is..

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