Sentimental Journey episode 11 Adachi Taeko

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Horoniga Triangle
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  • Summary version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1998.07.09
The students of Aogaki High School were working to set up the school festival.

Taeko and Chigusa were walking and talking about the guy Chigusa liked. Taeko said that since it was the school festival, Chigusa should confess to him But Chigusa said that it was illogical. Then Taeko pulled out a manga from her school bag, and told Chigusa to read the manga. Taeko said that it was a "bible" for girls.

In the manga, the school festival was a setting for a chance at love.

Then Tetsuro came and hit Taeko on the head. Taeko and Tetsuro started arguing. Taeko said that Tetsuro had a bad personality, but Tetsuro said that it was only when he was with Taeko. Then the other students said that they were having a "husband and wife" quarrel again. But Taeko and Tetsuro said that they weren't.

The other students had elected Taeko and Tetsuro as the representatives for their class for the school festival.

Taeko: It's a big annoyance.
students: But you've been together since 5th grade.
students: You have to get married..
students: Yeah, yeah!
Tetsuro: Hey!

After school, Taeko and Chigusa were walking home together. Taeko apologized to Chigusa for saying that Tetsuro had a bad personality. But Chigusa said that she liked that part of him..

Chigusa said that she felt that it wasn't going to work out. Then Taeko invited Chigusa over to her house the next day, as she was going to meet with Tetsuro to discuss some of the details of the school festival. Taeko said that should would leave Chigusa alone with Tetsuro, and give her a chance. But Chigusa wasn't so sure.

Taeko: When you try to pick up the eraser, your hands can accidently touch.. or when you're looking for your contacts..
Chigusa: This isn't a manga..

Then Taeko pulled out a manga and showed Chigusa.

Taeko: In this manga, they go this far.

Chigusa looked at the manga, and her heart started pounding..

Taeko: So it will be all right..
Chigusa: It's illogical.

But Chigusa went over to Taeko's house anyway.

Taeko took Chigusa into her room, where Tetsuro was sitting. Taeko told Chigusa to sit next to Tetsuro.

Tetsuro: This must be a disaster for you, being forced by Taeko to come here.
Chigusa: It's no problem.

Taeko was going to get mad at Tetsuro, but since she was doing this for Chigusa, she controlled herself.

Taeko: I'll go get something to drink.

Taeko was taking her time, so Tetsuro and Chigusa can have a lot of time together. But then Tetsuro came down the stairs.

Taeko: What are you doing?
Tetsuro: Going to the toilet.
Taeko: You just went a while ago.
Tetsuro: You don't have to count how many times I go.

When Taeko brought up the drinks, Tetsuro said that he would help. But Taeko said that she would do it herself, and they started arguing again. Then when they tried to pull the tray, tray fell out of Taeko's hands. Luckily, Chigusa was there to catch it.

Taeko called Chigusa that night. She apologized because things didn't go too well. Chigusa said that she realized that it wasn't going to work out.

Chigusa: He doesn't seem to enjoy being with me.
Taeko: He was nervous, because you're so cute.
Chigusa: I don't think so. I think there's someone he likes already.
Taeko: That can't be. I've known him for a long time, but I've never felt something like that.
Chigusa: I think I'm right. It's my feelings.
Taeko: It's not like you at all. It's illogical.
Chigusa: Yeah..
Taeko: It'll be all right. I'm with you. Let's think of something tomorrow.

Then Taeko found out from her mother that Tetsuro was going to move on Monday of the following week (the day after the Aogaki Festival).

Taeko recalled her past, when "the boy" moved away.

At school the next day, when they were alone on the roof of the building, Taeko told Chigusa about Tetsuro moving away.

Chigusa: Then I won't be able to see him any more.
Taeko: It looks that way.
Chigusa: Is that so..

Chigusa was leaning against the fence.. Taeko rushed to Chigusa and grabbed her.

Taeko: Chigusa! Knit a sweater for him, and give it to him on the day of the festival.
Chigusa: Tae-chan, can you tell me how to knit?
Taeko: Yeah, let's try hard.

[CM break - CM for the SJ homepage, voice by Taeko]

Taeko was teaching Chigusa how to knit. Chigusa spent all of her free time at school and at home knitting. They didn't do much to help out with the preparations of the school festival.

Tetsuro: Taeko, help out a little!
Taeko: Sorry.

Taeko kept teaching Chigusa how to knit. When they were at Chigusa's house, Chigusa was having some trouble.

Taeko: Want me to do that part?
Chigusa: No, it won't mean anything if I don't do it. I'll try my best. Even if the girl Sasaki-kun likes is Tae-chan..
Taeko: What are you talking about?
Chigusa: It's just my feelings.
Taeko: Don't be stupid. You always see how we act when we are together.
Chigusa: But the only person that Sasaki-kun calls by name is you.

Then Taeko thought about all of the various shoujo manga where the guy calls the girl by name, and the girl found out that he liked her..

Taeko: Tetsuro is my childhood friend number 2. My real one is..


Taeko recalled the time she spent with "the boy".

[end of flashback]

Taeko: It might be stupid, but I can't forget him.

The next day at school, when Tetsuro came to talk to Taeko, she called him, "Tetsuro-kun." Tetsuro thought that Taeko was sick for using "kun".. But they had to go around and look for some sponsors, as they needed more money for the school festival.

Taeko asked Chigusa to go with them, as Taeko didn't want to be alone with Tetsuro. But Chigusa had to go to her Chemistry club meeting, as she had been putting it off because of her knitting. Chigusa said that she would go as soon as she finished. So they promised to meet in the park.

Taeko and Tetsuro went around to the stores to look for a sponsor. Then when they were waiting for Chigusa in the park, Taeko asked Tetsuro about his "girl friend".

Taeko: Tetsuro, is there someone you like?
Tetsuro: What are you talking about!
Taeko: Just answer me. It's important.
Tetsuro: Yeah.
Taeko: Who is it? Tell me!
Tetsuro: I can't say it now!
[Taeko thought that Tetsuro liked her.]

Then Tetsuro got up to leave. Taeko got up too, but she tripped, and fell into Tetsuro's arms. Just then Chigusa came and saw them.. Chigusa ran away. Tetsuro ran away too. Taeko tried to say that it wasn't what it appeared to be..

The day after the festival, Taeko realized that Tetsuro was going to move away, and went to the train station. She spotted Tetsuro (he didn't have the sweater), and gave him a flying body attack.

Taeko: Why didn't you accept the sweater!
Tetsuro: What?
Taeko: An idiot like you.. go ahead and transfer away! I don't care about you one bit!
Tetsuro: What are you talking about?

Then Chigusa came.
Chigusa: Tae-chan, it's not so..
Taeko: Huh?
Tetsuro: Who's going to transfer?
Taeko: Aren't you going to move?
Tetsuro: I'm moving, but it's close. I'm not going to transfer.
Taeko: Is that so..
Chigusa: I just heard too. So I want to make it perfect.. And hopefully get it done before our first date.
Taeko: What!?
Chigusa: I'm sorry, I was wrong. It seems Tetsuro always liked me.
Tetsuro: With you, you're like one of the guys. But with Kudo, I think about it too much.
Taeko: What!?

Then Taeko hugged Tetsuro and Chigusa.

Taeko: I can't simulate this any more with the shoujo manga. Tetsuro, you have to pull her along like in the shounen manga.
Tetsuro: What?
Chigusa: It's illogical.

[The ED music started playing.]

Taeko: I wonder if spring will come for me..

[After a short while..]
Tetsuro: Won't happen..

Taeko: Why don't you let it finish nicely!

[ED continues..]

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