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  • Maiko-sensei no Okashizukuri Kyoushitsu 3

    title Maiko-sensei no Okashizukuri Kyoushitsu 3
    date/time 2021.01.25
    broadcast niconico
    seiyuu Nomura Maiko (¼)
    guest Yamashita Nanami ()

    This was the 3rd broadcast of Maiko-sensei no Okashizukuri Kyoushitsu by Nomura Maiko. The guest was Yamashita Nanami.

    Nanami has her own cooking show, but she never makes sweets.

    This time they were going to make parfait, without any recipe. They chose the cups, fruits, and other ingredeients and just started.

    When it was time to switch to the members only broadcast (at around 30 minutes), Nanami was almost finished. Maiko had done a lot of preparation, but she had only arranged the strawberries in her cup.

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