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  • LaLaLu Original Video Clips

    LaLaLu Original Video Clips

    not for sale
    released 2002.11.22
    VHS, 28 minutes

    This video was given away as a present to those who got the special Chori Wonton card in the LaLaLu maxi CDs. (This video arrived at my house on November 22, 2002.)

    The video contains the following.

    • message from the girls (around 8:30)
    • You & I
    • Real Power
    • Jeweleaf
    The messages have the girls wearing their black over pink outfits. They say a congratuatory message to the viewer for winning this present. They go in the following order: Sara, Noa, Asuka, Mae, Ikue, Fuuko, Sayaka, Mayo, and everyone.

    The video clips of the three songs uses a lot of footage from past LaLaLu events, plus some scenes in a studio and outdoors.

    The back jacket of the video was signed and had a short message by all of the LaLaLu girls.

    (This video has "Crips" instead of "Clips" on the jacket.)


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