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  • Seiyuu Gahou 2013 School Calendar

    Seiyuu Gahou 2013 School Calendar

    distributed in March 2013
    Animate Akihabara

    At the end of March 2013, the Animate store in Akihabara passed out a free seiyuu calendar, called Seiyuu Gahou 2013 School Calendar. There are 12 young seiyuu featured in the calendar, and the months of the calendar were from April 2013 to March 2014.

    The calendar is A4 sized and printed on pretty sturdy paper. There are 16 pages total: one cover page (with 12 small photos), 12 pages for the 12 months, 2 pages of personal information for the 12 seiyuu (with small photos), and one back cover page (no photos).

    Each monthly page has a half page color photo of the seiyuu, and the days of the months printed vertically. There is quite a bit of white space on each page.

    The months and the featured seiyuu are as follows.

    month seiyuu
    April 2013Uchida Maaya
    May 2013Hara Yumi
    June 2013Tamura Mutsumi
    July 2013Uchiyama Yumi
    August 2013Yamamoto Nozomi
    September 2013Sakura Ayane
    October 2013Asakura Azumi
    November 2013Yamazaki Haruka
    December 2013Shimoda Asami
    January 2014Suzaki Aya
    February 2014Sudou Saori
    March 2014Touyama Nao

    The pictures on the cover and individual pages are different, but the pictures on the personal information pages are the same as the individual pages.

    hida Maaya
    Uchida Maaya
    ra Yumi
    Hara Yumi
    mura Mutsumi
    Tamura Mutsumi
    hiyama Yumi
    Uchiyama Yumi
    mamoto Nozomi
    Yamamoto Nozomi
    kura Ayane
    Sakura Ayane

    akura Azumi
    Asakura Azumi
    mazaki Haruka
    Yamazaki Haruka
    imoda Asami
    Shimoda Asami
    zaki Aya
    Suzaki Aya
    dou Saori
    Sudou Saori
    uyama Nao
    Touyama Nao

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