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  • Houkago Tea Time

    K-ON! Gekichuuka Album "Ho-kago Tea Time"

    released 2009.07.22
    2205 yen

    This is a two CD set containing insert songs for the TV anime K-On (けいおん!). This package contains the studio and live versions of the K-On songs.

    The tracks are as follows.

    Disc 1 Studio Mix

    1. Curry nochi Rice (カレーのちライス) [Yui]
    2. Watashi no Koi ha Hotchkiss (わたしの恋はホッチキス) [Yui and Mio]
    3. Fudepen -Ballpen- (ふでペン〜ポールペン〜) [Yui]
    4. Fuwa Fuwa Time (ふわふわ時間) [Yui]
    Disc 2 Live Mix
    1. Curry nochi Rice (Shinkan! MIX) [Yui]
    2. Watashi no Koi ha Hotchkiss (Shinkan! MIX) [Yui]
    3. Fudepen -Ballpen- (K-ON! MIX) [Mio]
    4. Fuwa Fuwa Time (K-ON! MIX) [Yui]
    Songs by the Sakura Kou Keionbu (桜高軽音部) [Hirasawa Yui, Akiyama Mio, Tainaka Ritsu, Kotobuki Tsumugi, Nakano Azusa], voice by Toyosaki Aki (豊崎愛生), Hikasa Youko (日笠陽子), Satou Satomi (佐藤聡美), Kotobuki Minako (寿美菜子), Taketatsu Ayana (竹達彩奈).

    The first pressing comes in a kira kira box.

    This album placed highly in the Oricon Daily Album Rankings. It debuted at number 1 on 2009.07.21, and stayed number 1 until 2009.07.25.

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