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  • Kira Kira Happy Festa

    Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!
    Kira Kira Happy Festa!

    released 2007.04.04
    1500 yen

    This CD contains the theme song to the Playstation 2 game Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight Kira Kira Happy Festa.

    Miracle Straight (ミラクルストレート!) is the theme song sung by Horie Yui (堀江由衣), Nonaka Ai (野中藍), Inoue Marina (井上麻里奈), Hirano Aya (平野綾), Fujita Saki.

    Yume Panorama Wide (夢・パノラマワイド) is the ending song. There are five versions of the song, sung by each seiyuu. There are three sets of lyrics: Manabi/Mutsuki version, Mikan/Mei version, and Momo version. All of these are the short versions.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Miracle Straight!
    2. Yume Panorama Wide (Manabi version) [Horie Yui]
    3. Yume Panorama Wide (Mikan version) [Nonaka Ai]
    4. Yume Panorama Wide (Mutsuki version) [Inoue Marina]
    5. Yume Panorama Wide (Mei version) [Hirano aya]
    6. Yume Panorama Wide (Momo version) [Fujita Saki]
    7. Miracle Straight! (Instrumental)
    8. Yume Panorama Wide Full Size (Instrumental)

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