Koishikawa Miki

Koishikawa Miki () is a lively high school student, who is on the tennis team.

Miki's blood type is A, and her sign is Aries. Her birthday is March 28.

Miki had a part-time job working in an ice cream store, called Bobson's. Now Miki works in a small decoration shop.

When she was in junior high, she confessed her love to Ginta. But Ginta had rejected her, she thought. She had been good friends with Ginta, so she was shocked. But eventually she got over it and became friends with him again.

When Miki was in high school, her parents went on a trip to Hawaii and decided to swap spouses with another couple. The other couple had a son the same age as Miki, and they all moved into a large house to live together. That boy was Matsuura Yuu, and Miki started to fall in love with him.

However, Miki was very uncertain of herself and became jealous because Yuu was always surrounded by other girls.

In the anime, Miki's voice is done by Kouda Mariko (Ԣĥޥ).

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