Fancy Lala episode 26

Minna Daisuki!
[I Love Everyone!]
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At school Miho was feeling very sad. She didn't say good-bye to the teacher when she left. Then Asaka-sensei told Taro to talk to her to cheer her up.

Komi-san was in a room listening to music (with earphones). Hiroya came in, and Komi-san knew it was him even without looking. Hiroya was feeling very disappointed, as it has been one week since Fancy Lala disappeared. He said Lala was very irresponsible.. but he didn't really mean it. Hiroya knew something must be happening to Lala for her to do this.

Hiroya said that he wanted to find Lala, but he realized that he didn't know anything about her. Komi-san said that Hiroya must have liked her. Then Hiroya said that he did.

Miho was feeling very sad at home. It was a weekend and she didn't have anything to do. It had been a long time since she had a free weekend like this.

When Miho went outside, Taro called her from his room next door. He said that Yumeno Miki was over. Then Miho went up to Taro's room. Taro asked Miki why Lala had disappeared. Miki didn't know. Miho asked Miki what the Lyrical Pro people were doing. Miki said that they were having a lot of problems. Taro didn't understand why Lala disappeared. Miki said she couldn't believe Lala would disappear like this too.

After Miki left in a taxi, Taro said that she would walk Miho home. Miho said that it was just next door. But Taro went with her. When they reached the door, Taro said, "If you are worried, discuss it with me."

Miho responded, "Are you sick?" But Miho thanked Taro.

Then Miho went to her father's room, to look at his dinosaurs and such. Father was working. But he stopped to talk to Miho about his work, and said that it was very interesting.

Later Miho saw her mother and Chisa talking about the disappearance of Fancy Lala, while watching TV. Mother said that Lyrical Pro was about to give up on finding Lala, as they couldn't find her anywhere.

The next morning, Miho asked her mother to take her to the TV station. The Lyrical Pro people would be over at the TV station that day. Then Miho left her mother and went off to see them.

The Lyrical Pro people were talking (apologizing about the Lala situation) to a TV producer. The producer was very upset, and left.

The Lyrical Pro people were left sitting on the couch. Yoshio said that he loved Lala, and he enjoyed his work while she was around. Ririka said that although she was much older than Lala, she thought she can become good friends with Lala. She started crying. Ririka said she wanted Lala to come back.

Miho was hiding a little bit away from them, and watching. Then Miho came out, bowed to them, and ran off. (Ririka was sitting with her back to Miho, so only Yoshio and Kanno saw Miho.)

Miho went to the Lyrical Pro office. Haneishi and Hiroya were there, talking about Lala. They were surprised to see Miho. Then Miho said, "Lala was saying that she loved Haneishi and Hiroya." Then Miho ran off.

Miho took the elevator down to the first floor. When she got out, she saw Ririka. Miho started crying. She bowed and ran off. Miho was crying while she was running..

[CM break, but there were no CM eye catches this week]

Miho was on the swing by herself in the park. Then Fushigi-san appeared.

Fushigi: Are you in a slump?
Miho: Pigu and Mogu disappeared. I don't know where they went to.
Fushigi: They are in every "time". Miho is in every time too. But now, in this time, you are by yourself.
Miho: Can I ask? Why did you give me the magic?
Fushigi: A whim.
Miho: But I lost the magic that you gave me. Aren't you angry?
Fushigi: There are many kinds. Those who depend on it too much, those who throw it away, those who outgrow it.. Losing it is just one of the methods.

Then Fushigi-san put his hat over Miho's head. When Miho took off the hat, Fushigi-san was gone.

Later Miho was watching TV. She found out that Miki had done the quiz program in place of Lala.

Miho went to her father's room. She looked at all the bones and stuff that her father had lying around. Then Miho put Fushigi-san's hat on the dinosaur skull that was on her father's desk.

Then Miho heard Mogu and Pigu's voices! They said that they wanted to meet Miho again. Pigu said that he wanted to eat a lot of sushi. Miho said that she would let him eat it. "I promise. So please come again.." Miho cried.

Miho got a phone call the next morning. Akiru asked Miho to come to cheer for Taro's baseball team on Saturday. She said she would go, even though she didn't want to cheer for Taro.

Then Imaichi-kun came. He came at the exact time to pick up Chisa. But Chisa wasn't ready yet.

Meanwhile, Hiroya as acting in a drama. Miki was also there, and said Hiroya's acting had gotten better. She said that she can feel the emotions.

Miho and her parents were at the train station (Nankyuu Rokunomiya). Miho said that she was going to Harajuku, and had her sketchbook (not the magical one, but a normal one). Mother was slightly worried.

While waiting for the train, Miho's father put on Fushigi-san's hat. Both Miho and her mother laughed, saying it didn't suit him now, because it was autumn already. Then mother gave the hat to Miho.

Meanwhile Taro was at the baseball field practicing. Akiru and Anna were there too. They told Taro that they would go cheer for him at the next game, along with Miho. Taro said that he didn't care.

Then Taro saw a shadow of Miho (head with the two pony tails sticking out), and heard Miho calling out for him. But when he turned around, he saw that it was Anna who was holding her hair to be just like Miho, and Akiru who had impersonated Miho's voice.

At Lyrical Pro, everyone was busy again. Haneishi had found her next star, and Ririka was going to manage her.

Miho was on a pedestrian walkway over a busy street. She was drawing the scenery in her sketchbook. The the wind blew Fushigi-san's hat. It flew out of Miho's reach. But Komi-san, who was just walking by, caught it.

Then Miho said, "Komi-san.." Komi-san was surprised, as he had never met Miho before..

Komi-san then took Miho to the stairs, and asked her to sit down. He said that he was going to work some magic on Miho. But it was the kind of magic that will only last until Miho takes a bath. Then Komi-san set up his make-up kit, and worked on Miho's hair.

Komi: What do you call that man with that hat? I used to call him "boushi-ojisan" (hat-man).
Miho: Fushigi-san.
Komi: That's a good name.
Miho: Why do you know about him?
Komi: He said that the past and future are both made up of the additions of the "present". So the important thing is "now". No matter how hard it is, you have to live the present time.

Then Komi-san finished working on Miho's hair.
[He put Miho's hair up, and it looked a little like Miki's hair.]

Then Komi-san said, "You're Lala." Miho was shocked and stood up. Komi-san continued, "I knew it was you when I started working on your hair. I know Lala the most."

Komi-san put up the mirror so Miho can look at herself. He said, "Smile. In a few years, you will become the real Lala."

Then Miho smiled.

[The ED animation was different for this episode.]

Miho was sitting on the swing on her balcony, and singing the ED song..

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