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  • Nonohara Himeko

    Nonohara Himeko (野々原姫子), also known as Hime-chan, is the main female character.

    Himeko's birthday is 1980.01.30, and her blood type is O. She is around 150 cm tall and weighs 38 kg.
    [Hime-chan has conflicting birthdays in the anime and manga.]

    A tomboyish girl 13-14 years old (she has a birthday around episode #10), she has short yellow hair with a big red Ribbon tied in it. Often seen yelling Ike Ike Go Go Jump!. Carries Pokota around quite a bit. Seems to be falling in love with Daichi, although she had a crush on Hasekura-senpai. Is a member of the Drama Club at school.

    Daichi says about Himeko, "You're the type who always gets upset very quickly. Calm down."

    Hime-chan's magical phrases are listed below.

    • Parallel parallel ..... ni nare.
      To transform into some other human.
    • Rurerapa rurerapa motono sugatani nare.
      To transform back into herself.
    • Tinker tink, tinkle tinkle, futari ni nare.
      To create a copy of herself.
    • Thinker think, thinkle thinkle, hitori ni nare.
      To merge the copy back into herself.
    • Fuurudo i freeze, ..... yo tomare.
      To stop the object.
    • Top su all, jikan yo tomare.
      To stop time.
    • Barsu ri all, jikan yo modore.
      To start time.
    • Pikkori pikkora chiisaku nare.
      To make something small.
    • Rakoppi rikoppi moto no ookisa ni nare.
      To make something the original size (from small).
    • Grande graaji ookiku nare.
      To make something large.
    • Jiiragu denragu moto no ookisa ni nare.
      To make something the original size (from large).

    Himeko's voice is done by Ohtani Ikue (大谷育江).

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