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  • Ranma 1/2 Carnival 1995

    Event Ranma 1/2 Carnival 1995
    Location Kudan Kaikan (Kudanshita)
    Date 1995.01.29
    Time 18:00 - 20:30
    Guests Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子)
    Hayashibara Megumi (林原めぐみ)
    Hidaka Noriko (日高のり子)
    Sakuma Rei (佐久間レイ)
    Yamaguchi Kappei (山口勝平)
    Kusao Takeshi (草尾毅)
    Cost 1800 yen

    • Report version 0.3 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.02.11
    • Report version 0.7 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.03.01

    The Ranma 1/2 Carnival 1995 event was held January 29 at the Kudan Kaikan hall. There were two sessions. The tickets were sold through KAC, and also at anime stores and other ticket outlets. We (the osakana ML members) bought the tickets through KAC, and we (all 20 of us) got 9th row seats for the first session, and 6th row seats for the second session.

    Both sessions were the same. The only difference were in the talk portion.

    As we were lining up for the first session, there was a group called "Rumic Network" who were passing out some florescent tubes to use during the event.

    The event flowed as follows.

    • Ranma 1/2 OAV special jouhen
    • Ranma 1/2 OAV special gehen
    • guest corner
    • Ranma 1/2 fight scenes video
    • 10 minute break
    • concert
    • guest talk
    • presents
    • DoCo concert
    • final message

    Ranma 1/2 OAV specials

    They showed the two Shinnosuke special OAVs. The first one had the new OP and ED, which had the DoCo songs, and very nice animation. The second one had the regular OP and ED.

    guest corner

    After the OAVs, the emcee called out for the guests. Hayashibara Megumi, Yamaguchi Kappei, Kusao Takeshi, and Hidaka Noriko came out. After a short introduction and talk, the guests left.

    [We were very worried, thinking that Inoue Kikuko couldn't come..]

    Ranma 1/2 fight scenes video

    They showed the new Ranma compilation video that is coming out in March. It is made up of the fight scenes from the TV series, and is about 25 minutes long.


    After a 10 minute break, the concert began. The songs were as follows.

    • Yamaguchi Kappei (Ranma) Kawaikunee, Irokeganee

      Yamaguchi Kappei was wearing torn jeans. After his song was over, and he was going off the stage, he tripped (on purpose).

    • Sakuma Rei (Shampoo) Nekohanten Menu Song

      Sakuma Rei was wearing a tight China dress with a very long slit.. [The people who were sitting near the right side of the stage got a very nice look at her beautiful legs.. they tell me.]

    • Inoue Kikuko (Kasumi) Otousan

      Inoue Kikuko was wearing an apron, a long red skirt, and a long sleeve shirt. [VERY nice!!] During her song, the crowd was waving the lights back and forth slowly, to the tempo of the song. Kikuko saw the lights and started swinging her head back and forth too. (^_^)

    • Hayashibara Megumi (Ranma) Yume no Balloon

    • Hidaka Noriko (Akane) Heart Nibun no Naisho

      Hidaka Noriko was wearing a black outfit and shorts. She had straight hair. [It was very nice, but I don't think it fits Akane's character.] The calls by the crowd went very nicely with the song.

    Since these songs were old and almost everyone knew them, the concert went over very well. [I think the crowd was louder and more into it in the second session.]

    guest talk

    After the individual concerts, the seiyuu guests sat down in chairs and had a talk session. They sat down from left to right: emcee, Hayashibara Megumi, Hidaka Noriko, Yamaguchi Kappei, Kusao Takeshi, Sakuma Rei, and Inoue Kikuko. Inoue Kikuko was wearing a white blouse, beige vest, and a long wine-red colored skirt.

    They talked about: [In totally random order, cuz I forgot.. I hope my memory comes back to me later. - H.Doi]

    Valentines' Day chocolates

    Inoue Kikuko brought a lot to a recording studio, but some unexpected people were there so she didn't have enough. So she just "waratte gomakasu" (smiled it off).

    Kusao Takeshi got some heart shaped chocolates in the mail, but they were cracked. He didn't know if the girl had cracked it before sending, or if it cracked in the mail. He suggested that girls don't send heart shaped chocolates through the mail.

    During the recording for Fukuzatsu na Ryouomoi, all five DoCo girls got together at the recording studio. (For the other songs, they were all recorded separately.) Since it was a "live" version, they had to put in the yells and such. Inoue Kikuko knew that if she tried to sing and yell like the others, nobody would hear her. Also it wouldn't be Kasumi is she yelled too loudly. So she tried to laugh and talk whenever there was a gap in the music. Also the other girls were singing and yelling as if they were in a large concert hall. Kikuko was talking as if she was in a small event hall. The other girls said that it was very funny watching Kikuko during the recording.

    Inoue Kikuko had thought about how she can cosplay Kasumi. Since she only needed an apron, she thought, "How economical."


    After the talk session Yamaguchi Kappei and Kusao Takeshi remained for the presents session. In this session, they asked various questions about Ranma 1/2, and gave out presents for correct answers. (Since so many people raised their hands for each question, the odds of getting chosen were very low.)

    DoCo concert

    After the presents session, there was a special DoCo concert. (Takayama Minami wasn't there so it was actually DoCo minus Nabiki.) They stood from left to right: Shampoo, Akane, Ranma, Kasumi. Sakuma Rei was in a yellow idol-ish dress. Inoue Kikuko was in a white blouse, a long skirt that went up to the chest area, and slippers.

    They sang Fukuzatsu na Ryouomoi and Kare. They sang their respective parts, and also covered for Nabiki's lines.

    At the beginning of Kare, each girl said their monologue lines. Nabiki's line was prerecorded.

    final message

    There was an encore call, but the guests just came out and gave a final message.

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