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  • Inoue Kikuko/Idol Project event

    Event Inoue Kikuko/Idol Project event
    Location Soft Garage (Kounandai)
    Date 1995.04.29
    Time 13:00 - 14:00
    15:00 - 15:30
    GuestsInoue Kikuko (׻)
    Cost 5000 yen (need to buy at least 5000 yen at Soft Garage)
    • Report version 0.9 by Hitoshi Doi, 1995.05.16

    On April 29, 1995, the Inoue Kikuko/Idol Project event took place at Soft Garage, a CD/LD and video rental store in Kounandai, Kanagawa. [VERY far from Tokyo!] There were two sessions, 13:00 and 14:30. It took place in a small corner of the video rental section, so the capacity is around 50 to 80.

    In order to get a ticket for the event, one had to buy at least 5000 yen of stuff at Soft Garage. They started passing out the tickets on March 5, and they probably finished passing out the tickets that day.. because I went there an hour before the store opened, and there were 40 people ahead of me. There were over 50 people by the time the store opened. The tickets were NOT numbered, so it was necessary to line up on the day of the event too.

    On the day of the event, when I arrived at 8:00, I was number 34. Some people I knew got there around 1:30 and they were in the teens. After putting my bag in line, I went to the nearby Denny's, where I saw around 20 other people of the Osakana ML. (^_^;;) We stayed there until around 10:00, as they were going to pass out the numbers at 11:00.

    After getting the numbers at 11:00, they made up come back at 12:10, as they were going to let us in at 12:30. While we were waiting, they showed Aa Megami-sama 1 on the TV there. Since I was number 34, I was in the 4th row, and it wasn't that great. The event started at 13:00, or maybe a couple minutes late.

    The emcee Shocker Ohno came out, and he was wearing a red Aa Megami-sama jacket. Then Kikuko came out, and she was wearing a long one piece that was a black base with lots of flowers on it. She had her black neck band with a pearl jewel hanging from it. [The same thing that she wore at the Princess Minerva event.] She had a ring on her right hand and a bracelet on her left hand.

    There was a small stage with two chairs, and Shocker Ohno and Inoue Kikuko sat down. The event was a simple talk event. The talk had nothing to do with Idol Project. (^_^) But they did have the Idol Project CD playing in the background.

    Some questions from the audience were as follows.

    Q (Mr. Event 107): In the lyrics sheet, it says shake. But it sounds like you are singing chase. Which is correct?
    Someone handed Kikuko the CD and the lyrics sheet.
    Kikuko: I wonder which is correct..

    Q: Are you really friends with Matsumoto Rika?
    Kikuko: Yes, we became seiyuu at around the same time.

    Q (Mr. M-yama @ Kyoto-U): When is Anju coming back?
    Kikuko: I wrote it down, but I forgot.
    [Then Kikuko had her manager go get her notebook. Kikuko looked in her pink system notebook, and found out that it was the episode of 5/7.]

    Q (Mr. F4 + 300mm F2.8): Since you are so quick, weren't you a little ahead of others during the dance at the Princess Minerva event?
    Kikuko: I was off? I'm not good at those swaying songs. Before I learned the samba rhythm, but it's becomes like this.
    [Then Kikuko nodded her head sideways.]

    Q: What do you sing when you go to karaoke?
    Kikuko: Lum no Love Song, also Heya to Y Shirt to Watashi, and Cutey Honey.
    Ohno: We would like to hear Kikko-san's Lum no Love Song.
    crowd: Yeah!
    Kikuko: Then should I sing?
    Kikuko stood up and tried to sing.. but she started laughing. For a couple minutes she kept laughing, so they decided not to have her sing.

    Some other comments and such that I remember..

    Kikuko likes pearls.

    After the talk, they went to the present section. They had a poster, a settei shiryou collection, and a signature board. Kikuko signed them right there, adding the winners names.

    I didn't win. My luck isn't working this year.. (;_;)

    After the present session ended, Kikuko realized that she still hadn't sung Lum no Love Song. She tried very hard to control her laughter, and was able to sing. After the song, Kikuko said that she was able to sing because she was now Inoue Kikuko 2 Gou [Inoue Kikuko version 2].

    Then they went to the handshake session, and everyone got to shake hands with Kikuko. (This was not planned, but Kikuko was nice enough to let everyone shake hands with her.)

    Since I had to go to another event, I couldn't attend the second session. I hear the second session was similar to the first session.. But Kikuko sang, Tamago no Uta and Cutey Honey.

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