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  • odie 2014

    This is my secondary computer, odie. My current odie was built in June 2014.
    Updated in December 2015.

    It's major functions are as follows.

    • search engine admin sever
    • vpn server

    Freedom FPC-EZSPBK case
    Intel Core i5-4590
    16GB memory (DDR3-1600 8GB x2)
    Intel SSD 120GB (SSDSC2BW120A4)
    SanDisk SSD 960GB (SDSSDHII960G)
    Crucial SSD 512GB (CT512MX100SSD1)

    Side window
    Right side.
    I just put the SSDs here without any support.
    Left side.
    Just the power supply.
    These are the three original SSDs.
    Replaced the Intel 240GB with the SanDisk 960GB (December 2015).

    odie is running CentOS 6.x, and the install went smoothly.

    disk data
    120GB SSD OS
    512GB SSD search engine admin data
    960GB SSD search engine databases, archive data

    This is the second configuration of odie. The details of the first configuration of odie is also available.

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